How slowly the tear rolls down my cheek

A begrudging, glistening scar for all to see

As I walk away with dignity and silence

In the opposite direction of my future

Written 12/3/12


The Power of Words

I want to write beautifully.  I want to craft a sentence that pulls at your heart-strings.  To put a thought to paper that makes you ache inside.  When you read something that touches you, it feels like you are not reading at all; instead you just are.  I have the desire to create something on this white space that suspends you in time- hung aloft in a consciousness that does not necessarily belong to you but to the whole world.  In that state of being you can relate to anyone, anything because the author has told you how- they haven’t been bossy and told you what to think or feel but rather they guided you to that plane and you understood what to do.  The bond between the author and yourself is unspoken for it was never necessary.  You have an understanding.

It’s amazing to me, the power of a word.  On its own it is just four letters- w. o. r. d.  And yet one word can cause hurt, soothe pain, kill dreams, or awaken you; it is all in the power of a singular unit of letters.  Never mind putting several of them together- just think of all the possibilities!

Put before me all at once, the power seems intoxicating.  So much is at the will of my fingertips.  How will I choose to use this opportunity?  Will I move crowds to tears?  Will I summon the courage in them to chase down their dreams?  Will I make them feel less alone?  Or worse yet, will my words make no difference?  That fear is almost crippling.  What if I just do not have the ability to evoke emotion, to elicit any kind of response?  Is it worth even trying?  That, dear reader- whoever you may be- is the question I will leave with you tonight.  Maybe by putting it out there in the Great Ether the answer will find its way back to me, as answers often have the habit of doing.

Good News- I have an Instagram!

It’s true.  I have joined the 21st century and not only purchased an iPhone, but I got an Instagram account as well!  It’s been the highlight of my new phone.  It makes taking pictures of things a lot more fun, as sad as that sounds.  And just like the College Humor parody, I take those pictures of a fallen leaf etc.  Cliche as it may be, it’s fun, and looks cool with all those great filters out there.  (The Afterglow app is my favorite!  You will see some of those shots below).  So here are some of my favorites that I have taken so far!  You can find me on Instagram as: tinybird90.

Red Berries


Snow Storm



Snow Day


Oak Leaf


Frosty Ground


At Margarita's


Old Sturbridge Village


Much love,


The Future

(So, I wrote this while laying in bed the other night and thinking of the new Levi’s slam poetry commercial (see it- http://youtu.be/fsP6XTHBwRw).  I’ve never really written a piece like this and I kinda like it.  Just promise that you’ll read it with your best mental slam-poetry voice 🙂 )

You can never deny

my right to dream

my right to fly

To think bigger

than I am

to go achieve

when I can

It’s a curse

to be ambitious

while the world is vicious

What is Destiny

with its partner Fate?

Just party-goers who arrive late

The fun has started

it’s already here

Twirling, dancing

without fear

There’s no stopping

as I speed down the track

with the sun on my face

and the wind at my back


Autumn Leaves

It’s almost cruel that the prettiest season is also the shortest.  It seems the trees have this uncanny ability to just know it’s time for them to change.  Suddenly, driving down the road has been turned into a painter’s palate of bright yellows, fiery reds, and glowing oranges.  So, to pay homage to the season before it is over, I’d like to share a few photographs with everyone (mainly of leaves- but I couldn’t help sneak in one of apples too 🙂 )!

Mmm… I love those pictures.  I also tried to provide click-thru links to all the great tumblr. photographers and blog curators that provided me with the photos.

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your autumn.  I’m sending you wishes for many warm nights wrapped in blankets and sipping hot cider.

Much love,


Shutter Sound

It’s really too bad that digital cameras don’t come with a real shutter sound.  It’s a comforting noise- knowing that the image you just captured is now going to be recorded, for forever, possibly.  Well, here are a few pictures (sans shutter sound) from yesterday, while roaming around the back alleys of Portland, Maine.  My sister, Erin, our friend, S. Diego, and I had a lot of fun.


Behind Asylum (a night-club)  there is some really cool (legal) graffiti


S.Diego is  just hanging out


My sister, Erin- always with the attitude!


Me and Erin 🙂



It’s always a laugh when we’re together


I love the colors in graffiti


More graffiti- this place must be really sketchy at night


Well, now you all can say that you have seen the seedy underbelly of my city.  😀  It was a lot of fun taking random pictures here- it’s a place I haven’t seen with my own eyes since I moved here with my family over four years ago.  Sometime I’ll show you the prettier places of this city I love.

Much love,


Best Blogs Around (And Other Good Things)

The great thing about being home sick and alone is that you get to stay in your pajamas all day and not feel guilty about it- so I spent this beautiful early fall day doing just so.  The other thing that I was able to do was look around the internet for great blogs as well as visit my favorite one.  I figured I would share the links here because they are everything I would ever wish a blog to be!

First– papernstitch.  Brittni Mehlhoff is a genious business person and blogger.  Her hard work pays off in this blog because it is spectacular- filled with DIY project and cool things to buy.  Check her out here-

(1. http://papernstitchblog.com/)


Second– Going Home to Roost.  Bonnie Forkner is brilliant.  I can’t help but love how pretty her blog is.  While she has DIY and decorating tips like Brittni does, she has things about gardening and eating local (and vegan).  It worth looking at here:

(2. http://www.goinghometoroost.com/)


Lastly– OliveBox.  This is basically my Dream-Come-True.  I should have thought of this myself but alas, I did not.  OliveBox has different pre-paid packages, but for roughly $25 a month, they will send you various paper goods such as cards, list pads, etc.  Last month they even sent handmade soap!  Definitely something I want to sign up for!  Sign up yourself at:

(3. http://myolivebox.com/)




Much love,




no longer come in streams


                                      they trickle

leaving droplets

              of shared joys and sorrow

                                     shadows of memory

              shards of hope

are all that now penetrate

                                     the fog

your presence

                                     your love radiates-

             sunlight banishing the morning dew


                                     it’s almost through


Frank O’Hara- Song (I am Stuck in Traffic)

One of my favorite Frank O’Hara poems that I figured I would share.  Written in 1960.




I am stuck in traffic in a taxicab

which is typical

and not just of modern life


mud clambers up the trellis of my nerves

must lovers of Eros end up with Venus

muss es sein? es muss nicht sein, I tell you


how I hate disease, it’s like worrying

that comes true

and it simply must not be able to happen


in a world where you are possible

my love

nothing can go wrong for us, tell me