Best Blogs Around (And Other Good Things)

The great thing about being home sick and alone is that you get to stay in your pajamas all day and not feel guilty about it- so I spent this beautiful early fall day doing just so.  The other thing that I was able to do was look around the internet for great blogs as well as visit my favorite one.  I figured I would share the links here because they are everything I would ever wish a blog to be!

First– papernstitch.  Brittni Mehlhoff is a genious business person and blogger.  Her hard work pays off in this blog because it is spectacular- filled with DIY project and cool things to buy.  Check her out here-



Second– Going Home to Roost.  Bonnie Forkner is brilliant.  I can’t help but love how pretty her blog is.  While she has DIY and decorating tips like Brittni does, she has things about gardening and eating local (and vegan).  It worth looking at here:



Lastly– OliveBox.  This is basically my Dream-Come-True.  I should have thought of this myself but alas, I did not.  OliveBox has different pre-paid packages, but for roughly $25 a month, they will send you various paper goods such as cards, list pads, etc.  Last month they even sent handmade soap!  Definitely something I want to sign up for!  Sign up yourself at:





Much love,



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