Shutter Sound

It’s really too bad that digital cameras don’t come with a real shutter sound.  It’s a comforting noise- knowing that the image you just captured is now going to be recorded, for forever, possibly.  Well, here are a few pictures (sans shutter sound) from yesterday, while roaming around the back alleys of Portland, Maine.  My sister, Erin, our friend, S. Diego, and I had a lot of fun.


Behind Asylum (a night-club)  there is some really cool (legal) graffiti


S.Diego is  just hanging out


My sister, Erin- always with the attitude!


Me and Erin 🙂



It’s always a laugh when we’re together


I love the colors in graffiti


More graffiti- this place must be really sketchy at night


Well, now you all can say that you have seen the seedy underbelly of my city.  😀  It was a lot of fun taking random pictures here- it’s a place I haven’t seen with my own eyes since I moved here with my family over four years ago.  Sometime I’ll show you the prettier places of this city I love.

Much love,



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